Welcome to the new HauntedMontana.com! Would you like to visit genuinely haunted Montana hotels, motels, railroad depots, historic house museums, battlefields, ranches, libraries, theaters, museums, prisons, and bars (where the “spirits” are not always 90 proof)? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Over the past thirty years, I’ve traveled all over this beautiful state of ours in search of ghost stories. My focus is on properties of historic interest that are open to the public and are currently haunted. Many readers tell me they use my books as “tour guides” to the paranormal and so I’ve developed a system of rating these properties so readers may have the best chance of encountering something eerie themselves. Now we all know that ghosts don’t perform on command (and why should they?) but at the very least you’ll enjoy the anticipation—and the adventure! And of course, if you are fortunate enough to have an encounter, I’d be happy to hear about it!