Karen Stevens

I’ve always loved Halloween, with all its mystery and excitement. As a child, I would linger in the leaf-whirled darkness as long as I dared, hoping to catch a glimpse of the spirits that were said to roam the earth on All Hallows’ Eve. I never saw one, but that only made me more determined to try my luck again the next year. And things sometimes did go “bump in the night” at the family home. Doorbells rang for no apparent reason, lights turned themselves mysteriously off or on, and someone we couldn’t see occasionally walked up the basement stairs. Eventually we sold the house and moved on with our lives, but I never lost my childhood fascination with ghosts, whatever they may be. 

In 2007 Riverbend Publishing of Helena, Montana, published my first book: Haunted Montana: a Ghosthunter’s Guide to Haunted Places You Can Visit–if You Dare! Its immediate popularity encouraged me to write a second book, More Haunted Montana. Both books are available at book stores, from amazon.com or from the publisher, riverbendpublishing.com

On May 7, 2013, Riverbend released my third book, Glacier Ghost Stories: Eerie Tales, Legends and Mysteries of Glacier National Park. I began collecting ghost stories during my first visit to Glacier and Canada’s neighboring Waterton Lakes national parks in 1971, and have returned almost yearly to hike, photograph wildlife and to interview rangers, hikers, Blackfeet elders, wranglers, red bus drivers, employees of the great lodges, and hundreds of others who have had a brush with the uncanny in the park.  Glacier Ghost Stories is available from amazon.com, riverbendpublishing.com, and at many bookstores. 

  I was born on Halloween more than sixty-five years ago and currently live in Billings, Montana, with two dogs and a house ghost who fills the kitchen with the aroma of baking cookies around the holidays. Unfortunately, she never leaves me any!