Nearly everyone enjoys tales of ghostly figures and phantom footsteps coming up the stairs, especially when told in the reassuring glow of a campfire. But what if those phantom footsteps are coming up your basement stairs, and you're home alone?

I'm Karen Stevens, author of Haunted Montana, More Haunted Montana, and the just-released Glacier Ghost Stories. When I was a child those phantom footsteps did come up the basement stairs, not once but many times. During the 19 years my family lived in that house, we all had experiences we couldn't explain. Perhaps my early experiences led me to choose a career as a reference librarian, historian, and paranormal investigator. An unanswered question is, to me, an irresistible challenge. That's why I find paranormal research endlessly fascinating: there are no easy answers.

For the past 30 years I've collected ghost stories from across Montana. Life on the frontier was rough and frequently dangerous, all too often cut short by accidents, illness, or violence. It's no wonder that restless spirits from those turbulent days linger even now on the battlefields and in the dimly-lit corridors of historic buildings and private homes.

I've personally visited each haunted site in my books, researched its history and interviewed eyewitnesses. Almost without exception, those folks take their ghosts matter-of-factly, or even with a touch of quiet pride. And why shouldn't they? Montana's ghosts are, after all, part of Montana's history. 

Do you dare visit Havre's underground tunnels where the baleful influence of the infamous Shorty Young can still be felt? Are you brave enough to spend time on Death Row in Deer Lodge's Old Territorial Prison? Would you spend the night in a haunted bed-and-breakfast inn, where the late owner may put in an appearance to plump your pillow? Have you the courage to explore Butte's haunted Dumas Brothel, where photos sometime reveal misty figures? 

If so, you'll love Haunted Montana and More Haunted Montana! Please click on the buttons at the top of the page for more information.